88888 Old Highway, Tavernier, Florida 33070   305-852-8935

Old Road Gallery

The Old Road Gallery, nestled between US1 and the Old Road, opened its doors in 2014.   Owners and artists Dwayne and Cindy King, spent the previous 20 years creating, showcasing and selling custom bronze, copper and clay masterpieces at their first location Rain Barrel Sculpture Gallery. 

Now located at MM 88.8 Oceanside, their new property and gallery is a hidden sanctuary adorned with native hardwoods and winding paths. When you visit, please wander outside and view the working pottery studio, copper workshop and shady Sculpture Garden.

Dwayne King

​Dwayne grew up in the Florida Keys.   With years of treasure salvaging under his belt, Dwayne first opened "King's Treasure," a jewelry shop featuring Spanish coins mounted in gold as well as other original designs.  Self taught in bronze, clay, copper and hard woods media - Dwayne has become a well seasoned artist and gallery owner in the Florida Keys.

Cindy King

​Cindy arrived to the Florida Keys in 1987. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and found a perfect home for her drawing and calligraphy skills when she teamed up with local treasure divers and found herself illustrating coins and artifacts.  Today Cindy spends most of the time with clay on her hands - capturing the detail and the cleverness of the world around us with her whimsical high-fired stoneware sculptures.

The King Duo

Dwayne and Cindy combine their years of experience and individual talents by capturing the spirit of the subject in bronze, clay and copper.

​When you visit the Old Road Gallery spend a few minutes with these welcoming hosts and enjoy art in the essence of the Florida Keys.